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Days of the year when drivers break the most road rules

On any given day, you can find at least one motorist breaking a road rule, but there are specific days when drivers are at their most reckless.

Australia By Night with Stephen Cenatiempo

Matt Taylor from UbiCar shares the new research with us that shows Aussie drivers are most reckless on public holidays

Sunrise on 7
Aussie driving app with appeal

This Aussie invention is designed to make sure we’re safe drivers!

The Today Show
Driver Distractions

Australian teenagers are the most likely to face digital distractions behind the wheel.
Discount insurance for Aussie drivers

Australian motorists will now be able to pay for the car insurance they deserve.
UbiCar rewards safe driving with lower car insurance costs

Rewarding safe driving will not only be beneficial for more than just the drivers saving money on their car insurance, but it should make all Australian roads safer as a whole.
UbiCar: Driving Efficiency With contactSPACE

contactSPACE, a leading provider of cloud contact centre software solutions and Tier-1 PCI compliant contact payment solutions, today announced that UbiCar, an innovative new Australian insurance provider, has selected contactSPACE as their cloud-contact centre solution to drive customer engagement and improve Customer Experience.
Safe drivers could save on car insurance through UbiCar app

Driving safe each time you hit the road could now save you serious dollars on your car insurance.
Pay less for car insurance if you’re a good driverCould an app make us safer drivers?

Safe drivers rejoice as you’re now able to get lower premiums based on how well you drive thanks to the new usage-based insurance offering from UbiCar Insurance.

Aussie drivers to pay for the insurance they deserve

New app scores drivers and provides insurance quote.

Sunrise on 7
New app promises cheaper car insurance

A new app-based service reckons it can give you cheaper car insurance based on how well you drive.

The EFTM Driving Challenge – thanks to UbiCar

Based on your results, UbiCar can find you a cheaper insurance deal.

Road rules that drive us mad

PERTH drivers are renowned making merging an impossible puzzle, but there are other road rules that seem to be a mystery to motorists.
Would you use an app to make you a better driver?

Could rewarding good drivers help reduce the road toll? Road safety expert Michael Paine, and Carolyn Batterton, co-founder of driving app UbiCar, think so.

Pittwater Online News
Northern Beaches Council First In Australia To Use Telematics Technology To Make Roads Safer: Northern Beaches Safest Driver Competition

In an innovative approach to road safety Northern Beaches Council is the first local council in the country to encourage motorists to compete to be the safest driver using telematics technology on smartphones.

“A wake-up call.” The free app that tests your driving and gives it a score out of 100.

“It makes me accountable.”

Test If You’re A Good Driver

Want to drive safer but always end up getting distracted by your phone?
Australian drivers are shocking at turning corners

It should be a given, but Australian drivers are failing badly at a basic road skill

7 News Sydney
Usage-Based Car Insurance

If you consider yourself an excellent driver you could soon qualify for big savings.

LAFM 89.3
New App Rates and Rewards Your Driving

Many of us believe that we’re good drivers, but just how good are we really?

The new app waking up motorists to poor driving habits

With traffic accidents killing 225 Australians last year, Deborah Knight says there’s no doubt our nation has a serious driving problem. This app could go a long way in waking up Aussie motorists, pointing out where improvements are needed.
Could an app make us safer drivers?

Carolyn Batterton explains to TODAY Extra how her app Ubi Car aims to change driving behaviour by rating drivers out of 100.
Think you’re a safe driver? Ubicar app will tell you

You can now compare your safety score and prove once and for all who is the better driver.

Peninsula Living

Drive safely with St Luke’s (Page 61)

St Luke’s has been trialling a program aimed at improving driving behaviour, with students in Year 12 downloading UbiCar onto their phones.

ABC Sunshine Coast
Mornings with Annie Gaffney


Too often young drivers are actively discriminated against based on outdated insurance pricing models. They are forced to pay excessive premiums and regardless of how well they are profiled (i.e. surveys, outbound calling, etc.) – this has little bearing on current and future pricing. Good drivers, regardless of their age, end up subsidising bad drivers.

UbiCar’s aim is to change this. Using mobile telematics to inform pricing algorithms, we are able to provide industry beating premiums using dynamic pricing models that change monthly, not annually. We aim to reward good drivers and change driving behaviours of those that can massively improve and benefit.

Creating Safer Drivers

UbiCar’s technology includes mobile telematics, IoT, mobile sensing and machine learning that will improve driving behaviour by reducing phone distraction, hard braking, at-risk speeding and other adverse driving behaviours that lead to unsafe roads.

UbiCar aims to disrupt the Australian car insurance market by utilising state-of-the-art mobile telematics paired with industry-beating pricing algorithms to benefit end consumers with car insurance that is fairer, dynamic and based on users’ driving behaviours.


UbiCar is headquartered in Sydney and is a wholly owned Australian company.

The latest UbiCar statistics and press releases for your reference.

UbiCar Data – December 2018 (PDF)

UbiCar’s latest data reflecting Phone Distraction habits across Age Ranges

True Extent of Australian Phone Usage Revealed in UbiCar’s November Data (PDF)

New data obtained by UbiCar has revealed the extent of Australian drivers’ phone usage behind the wheel.

UbiCar Data – November 2018 (PDF)

Graphics reflecting data collated in November 2018 by UbiCar, detailing UbiCar users’ driver behaviour.


Parents Guilty of Using Phone While Driving (PDF)

“Alarming new data shows the biggest spike in motorists using their phone behind the wheel is when kids are collected from school between 3pm-4pm.”

Northern Beaches Safest Driver Competition Uncovers Notorious Stretch of Road Where Motorists Are Most Distracted By Their Phones (PDF)

“Around 800 motorists competed to be the safest driver on Sydney’s Northern Beaches during October using the free UbiCar app with most guilty of phone distraction despite saying they wouldn’t be.”

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Sunrise on 7
New app promises cheaper car insurance

A new app-based service reckons it can get you cheaper car insurance based on how well you drive.

7 News Sydney
Usage-Based Car Insurance

If you consider yourself an excellent driver you could soon qualify for big savings.

Aussie drivers to pay for the insurance they deserve

New app scores drivers and provides insurance quote.

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